An ante litem notice has surfaced on facebook regarding the German Shepherd Dog Hoarding case from January.

According to a copy of the letter which was stamped, “Received by Candler County, June 10, 2019,” Powell is demanding $3 million plus reasonable attorneys’ fees from the City of Metter, Montgomery County, Candler County, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Revenue.

In the ante litem notice by Ashleigh R. Madison of Southeast Law, LLC, Madison writes: “Ms. Powell contends that said agencies’ officials were negligent and acted intentionally to deprive Ms. Powell of her German Shepherd canines which she owned lawfully and which she cared for properly. Ms. Powell contends that she was harassed and treated unfairly for owning and maintaining said animals by various members of the aforementioned agencies. This harassment and unfair treatment ultimately culminated in being improperly arrested, detained and prosecuted for alleged cruelty to said animals as well as investigated for fraud by the Departments of Agriculture and Revenue.

“Ms. Powell has suffered physical and emotional trauma, as well as significant financial injury and other damages as the result of the negligence and intentional misconduct of the above-listed parties. Ms. Powell reserves the right to add additional causes of action and additional parties as the litigation goes forward. As far as damages, Ms. Powell will seek the recovery of all expenses and damages incurred as a result of the behavior, as well as punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

“We have encouraged our client to consider settlement of these claims prior to the commencement of litigation.”

County Administrator Bryan Aasheim said he could not comment on the letter, which appeared on the “Dog Rescues, Shelters, Bad Breeders & Puppy Mills, The Bad & The Ugly” facebook site on Wednesday evening. City Attorney Brent Carter was unavailable for comment as of press time.

Powell was arrested in January after more than 160 dogs were recovered from her Donnell Road property.


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